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Disney World in Florida is an extremely popular tourist destination. With a lot of fun attractions and other things to do, visitors to Disney World in Florida have a wealth of activities to participate in. The main attractions of Walt Disney World are the four major theme parks. To make your trip to Disney World in Florida more relaxing and organized there are several hotels, tickets and even vacation packages to choose from.

The four major theme parks are the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's MGM Studios and the Animal Kingdom. Each of these four parks are essential elements of the Disney World in Florida resort complex. You can visit one or all of these parks during your stay. Each theme park carries its own variety of themes and decors. Disney has essentially defined the phrase “theme park”. Unlike an amusement park, which focuses solely on the rides within, a theme park focuses on the entire park as a whole. With extreme dedication and focus placed on the theming of the various elements within each theme park, these four parks do an excellent job of creating a new world for their visitors to explore.

Surrounding each of the four theme parks is a variety of Disney hotels. These resorts at Disney World in Florida carry on the idea of theming and décor to your room. You have several hotel options to choose from. Disney World in Florida gives its visitors several price ranges so they can stay at the hotel which best fits their budget. No matter which price level you pick, however, each resort will have an array of amenities and benefits to make your stay extra special. Disney also does not reduce the amount of theming or décor if you stay at a less expensive resort. By staying at a cheaper resort, you will have smaller rooms and a longer bus ride to the parks. These are small accommodations to make if a budget is your main concern. Whether you make your decision based on price, theming or another reason, you will end up at a wonderful Disney World in Florida resort.

Disney World in Florida offers a variety of tickets as well. The Park Hopper pass is the most popular. You can use this pass to get access to all four of the theme parks. You can also add admission to the water parks to this ticket as well. Disney sells other kinds of tickets including single park tickets and an annual Park Hopper pass. The regular Park Hopper pass, however, is the best selling ticket at Disney World in Florida. You can easily bundle your ticket and hotel together in a vacation package. Disney World in Florida offers a variety of customizable vacation packages that you can build to include your hotel and ticket as well as your dining options and other amenities.

You can easily create a wonderful vacation for you and your family at Disney World in Florida. Whether you choose to create your own vacation or purchase a vacation package, there are several options you can choose from. With the four theme parks, hotels and other attractions at this large amusement complex, Disney World in Florida is a fun and exciting vacation destination for people of every age.

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