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When it comes to your Walt Disney World vacation, there are a number of Disney World Florida hotels for you to choose from. When you are booking your vacation there are a number of options to consider when picking your Disney World Florida hotels. If you are trying to decide which of the many Disney World Florida hotels is right for you, there are several options for you to consider.

The first is your budget. Disney has conveniently divided its Disney World Florida hotels into three price levels. The value hotels, moderate hotels and the deluxe hotels are the three levels you can choose from. Each resort has a certain number of amenities and benefits available to you. As a Disney visitor, there are a couple amenities that are available at all of the Disney World Florida hotels. Most notably, the Disney Bus Transportation is available at each resort. This transportation system takes you from your resort to any of the four Disney theme parks, water parks, shopping centers and other attractions.

The next consideration when choosing between the Disney World Florida hotels is location. All resorts are located within a short distance of all the parks. Some of the parks, however, are considerably closer to the various parks. Several of the deluxe level resorts are located within walking distance of some of the theme parks. Many people want to be close enough to the parks that they have several options to travel to the parks. Certain resorts offer multiple transportation options for you. For example, the Contemporary Resort is within walking distance of the Magic Kingdom. The Monorail actually runs through the main portion of this resort. You can take the Monorail to either the Magic Kingdom or Epcot. You can also take bus transportation to any of the other parks and attractions. It is convenience like this that makes people want to choose the resorts that are close to their favorite park. It is from some of these resorts that you can even watch the fireworks displays at the nearby parks. It can be a wonderful thing to be able to look out your hotel window and see the closing fireworks of the nearby parks.

The final main thing to think about when choosing from the Disney World Florida hotels is the array of amenities each specific resort. Various price levels will have various levels of amenities. A moderate or a deluxe resort, for example, may have certain activities and sports rentals. Some of these resorts are located on Disney’s man-made waterways. If you choose a resort on the water, your resort may have boat and watercraft rentals.

The choice between the Disney World Florida hotels can be a confusing one. With so many options to choose from, it can seem difficult to choose between them. If you figure out what your budget is and what kinds of amenities and attractions you want in your Disney World Florida hotels you can easily narrow down your decision. If you need further help in deciphering between the many Disney World Florida hotels you can check various reviews and ratings to get personal feedback on each resort. Whichever of the many Disney World Florida hotels you end up choosing, you can be sure your hotel will feature the variety of amenities the Disney Resorts are known for.

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