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The Animal Kingdom is the newest theme park at Walt Disney World in Florida. This theme park is a unique and exciting park that showcases live animals while still having a wide selection of rides and shows. Guests to the Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida can experience a well-balanced mix of attractions and educational information. Many people first thought that the Animal Kingdom was essentially a large zoo. This is not true, however, as the new park at Walt Disney World in Florida features much more than a typical zoo. While the Animal Kingdom does showcase live animals all throughout the park, visitors can still ride exciting rollercoasters and see excellent live shows.

When visitors first walk into the Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida, they can easily see the Tree of Life at the center of the theme park. This tree is actually a gigantic piece of artwork as it features carvings of thousands of animals. As you make your way up to the tree, you pass through shaded walkways that house birds and various animals. All along the walkway are Cast Members to answer any questions you may have about the animals you see. If you enjoy walking through these nature trails at the front of the park, there are two more trails located toward the back of the park. These trails feature live animals such as tigers, hippos, bats and gorillas. Again, scattered all throughout the trails are Cast Members who are trained in the knowledge of those specific animals. They can tell you about those specific animals you see as well as provide information about the species as a whole. If you do enjoy looking at these animals, you will probably enjoy the main attraction of the entire park. Kilimanjaro Safari is located at the back of the park and gives visitors a guided safari tour through the recreated African plains at the back of the park. While you ride, you will see several different kinds of animals including lions, cheetahs, alligators, giraffes and elephants. This is one of the most popular attractions in the entire Walt Disney World in Florida park complex.

There are also several rollercoasters, water rides and live shows at the Animal Kingdom. The newest thrill ride at Walt Disney World in Florida, Expedition Everest is an exiting train ride up and down Mt. Everest. The queue line for this ride is perhaps one of the most interesting queues in all of Walt Disney World in Florida. Disney Imagineers actually went oversees to find real props and decorations to put up around this ride to create an authentic feel to the ride. This dedication to theming is seen all throughout the Animal Kingdom.

When you visit Walt Disney World in Florida be sure to check out the Animal Kingdom. This theme park features several exciting attractions including a live safari ride and an exciting mountain adventure. Walt Disney World in Florida has done an excellent job with combining live animals with the fun and excitement Disney is known for.

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